This interface provides on-line access to the Spanish Resource Grammar (SRG). Using facilities of the (a) Linguistic Knowledge Builder (LKB) grammar engineering platform, (b) high-efficiency PET System parser, (c) [incr tsdb()] profiling environment, and (d) Redwoods treebanking tools, the interface allows one to input one sentence at a time, analyze it using the SRG, and visualize analysis results in various forms.

This on-line version, for the time being, only has access to the hand-built SRG lexicon (of some fifty thousand lexemes), combined with proper name recognition based on the FreeLing tool, which also provides morphological analysis as a pre-processor to the SRG. Clicking the Sample button will activate a random selection from the SRG syntactic test suite.

The LOGON on-line pages make relatively heavy use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and (some) JavaScript; while it should be possible to navigate without JavaScript, for the CSS to work properly, you will need a modern, HTML 4.0.1 compliant browser (e.g. FireFox or Mozilla 1.x, Netscape 7.x, IE 5.x, and later versions or derivatives). Please relay bug reports and suggestions for improvement back to the SRG and DELPH-IN developers.

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(This on-line demonstrator is hosted at Universtitat Pompeu Fabra)